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Mediation and dispute resolution for conflicts

"Show Stress Who's Boss!"
by Carole Spiers

Discover 4 Easy Steps to Beat Your Stress Today!

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Stress Toolkit Need To Deliver a Anger Management Training Course & Have No Time To Prepare?
Look no further, here is your 1-Stop anger management toolkit course including workbook & powerpoint presentation.

"The Anger Management Toolkit for Trainers"

'Cool It … Anger Management & Conflict Resolution in the Workplace'

Your One-Stop Training Resource for Immediate Download!

Do You: Angry Woman
  • Have to manage emotional and volatile staff?
  • Have to deal with angry customers?
  • Need to mediate between people at work?
  • Sometimes have to diffuse violent situations at work?
  • Need to stage an anger management training programme but have no time to prepare?
If you can answer 'yes' to any of these questions then this one-stop training resource is right for you.

Written by Carole Spiers, Author of Tolleys 'Managing Stress in the Workplace', Motivational Speaker and trainer to blue-chip corporations, this user-friendly toolkit is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional trainers and HR Managers.

Our unique 2-part professional training and personal development resource offers you detailed insights into anger management techniques and conflict resolution solutions.

Your One-stop Professional Training Resource ready to download and use today!

  • Powerpoint slides for presentation
  • Workbook for copying in any number
Just download the slides onto your computer (they're in generic form, easily tailored for any industry). Copy all or part of the workbook. Distribute the training materials as you wish.

'A practical training pack that shows you exactly how to manage anger in the workplace. After running the programme, we managed to diffuse some difficult situations'.

Jenny Anderson, HRD

Broaden & Deepen your awareness of Anger Management with our user-friendly training materials:
  • BullyingIncrease your understanding of human behaviour and the root causes of conflict
  • Enhance your knowledge of the theory of conflict and anger problems in the workplace
  • Appreciate the psychological games that conflicting parties play
  • Show you how to manage different types of workplace conflict
  • Identify methods to reduce conflict and aggression
  • Help you identify how to defuse anger between employees and customers
  • Deliver proven anger management techniques and strategies to deal with notoriously difficult personality types
Even if you've never analysed anger management before or had to manage conflict in the workplace, you'll soon acquire a workable knowledge of this important subject, with the help of easy-to-understand charts, diagrams and case studies.

Beat Anger Problems and Workplace Conflict Before They Beat You!

Anger management is a key communication skill, increasingly needed by management and staff, everywhere from factories and hospitals to call-centres and car-parks.

Effective conflict resolution skills can avert violence, settle disputes and improve relations all round, resulting in a happier and more productive team, as well as reducing the risk of expensive litigation. Dispute resolution forms a useful part of any management training programme, and can also help people recognise anger problems in themselves.

The result? You'll be able to improve the performance of your team and help them develop a non confrontational work environment that will be of benefit to your organisation, your colleagues and yourself.


Anger, Violence and Aggression undermine Creativity, Productivity and Respect.

Use these tools to diffuse conflict in your organisation today!

Conflict Resolution Made Easy for You.

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Need Some Coaching Support to Deliver our Training Toolkit? We can help …

If you need professional support to set up in-house anger management and conflict resolution training programmes for your HR or management team, or a Train the Trainer Seminar for your in-house trainers, Carole Spiers will be delighted to help you.

Please contact Carole direct on + 44 (0)20 8954 1593 or email:

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